Last updated: 12/03/2023
This agreement is concluded between the User (hereinafter referred to as the Client) and the Mega VPN VPN service (hereinafter referred to as the Service), and regulates the procedure and conditions for providing the Service to the Client, as well as the rights and obligations of the Client and the Service arising in connection with the use of the Service.
By using or paying for the Service, the Client agrees to the Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Rules). Any significant changes to these Rules are reported by notification on the website 3 days before the entry into force of the changes to the Rules. If the Customer wishes to exercise his right to reject such changes, he should stop using the Service. Familiarization with these Rules must be made by the Client before the start of using the services of the Service, while the text of the Rules is available to the Client on
the site https://. The Client, who has not read the terms of the Rules in a timely manner, assumes all risks associated with this adverse consequence.

General provisions

The service provides the client with anonymity and confidentiality, protecting personal information with encryption, and masks the client's data by hiding the client's IP address and replacing it with another one. The Service is not intended to commit any illegal actions. The coverage area, Internet speed and communication quality may vary when using the service. Network speed is a nominal evaluation characteristic, and it does not correspond to the actual speed of sending and receiving data. The actual network speed depends on its configuration, data compression method, network load, and other factors. The Service may be unavailable due to factors beyond the control of the company, including emergencies, network problems or restrictions, interference, signal interruption, disruptions in the operation of other services. Hacking, virus distribution, fraudulent actions, phishing and/or any actions on the part of the Client deemed illegal or undesirable lead to a temporary suspension or complete termination of the provision of services

Rights and obligations of the parties

By using the services of the Service, the Client undertakes not to violate these Terms of Service and the legislation in force in the territory of the operation.
The Client undertakes to independently provide protection against unauthorized use of his login and code password and not to disclose these data to third parties. The Client is fully responsible for all actions carried out using his login and code password.
The Client undertakes not to use the system to send spam, scan ports and proxies, carry out mass mailing (even if the emails are actually sent through another server), not to commit hacker attacks on other computers or networks.
The Client undertakes not to send content containing illegal, offensive, hateful, threatening, obscene materials.
The Client undertakes not to upload, download, publish, reproduce or distribute any content protected by intellectual property rights without first obtaining permission from the owner of the exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity or to the means of individualization (licensor) of this content.
The Client undertakes not to upload, download, publish, reproduce or distribute any content that includes sexual or explicit images of minors, or content that is similarly restricted/prohibited in your country.
The Client undertakes not to participate in any actions that hinder or restrict the use of the Service by any other users, including unfair use of the network (actions that create excessive load on the network, which may cause interference to other users on the network).
The Client is fully responsible for the possible consequences and losses associated with the absence of the necessary security settings on his computer.
The Company undertakes to do everything possible to ensure that the Service remains available at any time (except for maintenance and repair breaks).
The Company is not responsible for the loss of data and messages, incorrect page reflection due to network problems (for example, on the T-1 line). To protect users and the service, the company may unilaterally impose restrictions on the use of certain data and block Customer service.
The Service does not guarantee the timely receipt of data, and is not responsible for possible delays or losses.

Subscription terms

If the Customer enables the subscription option, they are automatically billed every 30, 183, 365 or more days, depending on the selected plan. To cancel the accrual of payments, you need to contact the Service support service and notify employees about the cancellation of the subscription.
In case of any questions regarding these Rules, or the operation of the Service as a whole, the Client can contact us by e-mail:
Terms of use
© 2023 Mega VPN. All rights reserved.
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© 2023 Mega VPN. All rights reserved.
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